Box Leagues

Play competitive tennis at the Meadows tennis courts. 
All box leagues are free to join for club members.
Mixed singles adult and junior (18U & 14U) leagues available.

Current/upcoming rounds:

  • Adults: 19/07 to 11/09
  • 14U & 18U: 01/08 to 26/09

How to join the box leagues

We are using the LTA’s box league manager platform. To join the box league, you will need an LTA account (free) with the Meadows City Tennis Club linked as a venue.

Please be aware that when you join the box league, the contact details associated with your LTA’s account will be available to other players in the league so they can get in touch to arrange matches.

You will be able to see the dates of the current or upcoming round, and tabs for the different categories.


Each category (mixed singles, mixed doubles, juniors) will be split into a different number of groups of players. When the round starts, you will be placed into a group and will be able to see your opponents for the round. A round lasts for 8 weeks.

Singles: 4 groups of 6 players

Doubles: 2 groups of 4 teams

At the end of a round, we will set up a following round. If they chose to enter the next round, players who finished in the top 2 spots of their groups will be placed a group higher, and players who finished in the last 2 spots of their groups will be placed a group lower.

Arranging your matches, communicating with other players and data

Players will have to arrange their matches themselves over the course of the round.

Please be aware that when you register for a league, the contact details that you have added to your LTA account (email mandatory/phone number optional) become available to other players who registered for the round, so they can get in touch with you to arrange a match.

To see another player’s contact details, simply click on their name.

Entering match results

After a match is completed, the winner will have to enter the results on the LTA’s platform.

If you encounter any issues with your result or the platform, the league admin’s details are available on the LTA’s Meadows Box League page. Feel free to contact them.