Join the 2021 Women’s Singles Ladder

Play competitive tennis at the Meadows tennis courts during Summer. 
All club ladders are free to join for club members.

How to join the ladder

The club is using Global Tennis Network to run the ladders. To join, follow these steps:

Ladder start date: 5th July June 2021

Ladder end date: 31st October 2021

Ladder format

Once you have joined the ladder, you can message other players on the platform. You will need to organise your matches and enter your scores on the Global Tennis Network.

We recommend players use a classic best of 3 set format, but you are free to use any other formats, such as super tie-break in the third set or Fast Four.

How rankings work

This ladder uses a basic point system:

– Winning a match will earn you 3 points

– Winning a set will earn you 1 point

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