2021 East of Scotland Tennis Leagues

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About the leagues

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in being considered for the East of Scotland Doubles Leagues! Here are some more details about the league format, together with a registration form to confirm your interest.

Meadows City TC has 2 Ladies and 4 Mens teams entered into the leagues. Each team is made up of 6 players, and is in a division with 5 teams from other clubs in the region. We play each of those other teams Home and Away, so you will be playing on a variety of surfaces.

You will play 2 x 3 set matches at each fixture. The 3rd set will be a 10-point tie-break if required. It is a competitive environment – whilst players are generally friendly in attitude on court, both teams are trying their best to win. If you are hoping that the opposition might dial back their play to suit the level of their opponent, slow down serves etc, this isn’t the competition for you!

Mens teams play either Monday or Wednesday, Ladies teams play Tuesday or Thursday.

As it stands the first matches will be w/c 19th April – subject of course to Covid-19 related changes. The fixtures run for 10 weeks, and to be considered for selection you will be expected to be available for most of these. If you know up front you won’t be able to make many fixtures, please do not enter. There are other competitions coming up later in the year.

Please note we cannot guarantee that everyone who wishes to be considered will get to play in this competition. This is the only competition the club enters where our teams are chosen purely based on playing ability (this is actually a rule of the competition), selected by a panel of the team captains and club president. If you don’t get picked, we’re sorry, but there are other competitions coming up throughout the season for you to get involved in.

All players must be members of the club at the start of the tournament, so if you haven’t joined yet, please do. Any questions, please drop us a line at eslta_leagues@meadowstennis.co.uk.