The Meadows History

May is Community & Local History Month and we will be covering three sections of our local history over the next few weeks:

  1. History of the Meadows
  2. History of the tennis courts at the Meadows
  3. History of the Meadows City Tennis Club

🎾 What we know today as The Meadows used to actually be The Borough Loch (or South Loch to draw a distinction with the Nor’ Loch which is now Princes Street Gardens). It supplied water to the city’s Old Town however was often used for washing animals when no one was looking, despite that being strictly forbidden! In the mid-1700s Sir Hope of Rankeillor drained the water and set out the area as parkland with the tree-lined walks and avenues we all know today. The suggested names for this new park were Hope’s Park or The Meadows. Do you recognise the first option still being used for streets in the area today?!

The area proved extremely popular with the Capital citizens for picnics, strolling and was even the site of the first Edinburgh football derby on Christmas day 1875. Throughout the year you can find @themeadowsfestival , @edfringe , @bmf_edinburgh , sports tournaments, runners, picnickers, tennis players, cricketers, and a whole lot more enjoying this wonderful space.
The Meadows remains one of the most important and popular open spaces in our city today.