Tie Break 10s Tournament – April 25th 2021

After the success of the last tournament, we thought to offer another quick tie break 10s tournament on April 25th. Again we have 14 spots, first come first serves. Anybody who is interested and was on the reserve list last time will be prioritized.

Please register your interest below, we will inform you if you have managed to score a spot or if you are on the reserve list.

We will start at 2pm on the dot, so please warm up beforehand and please be on time. The rules will not be explained, but you can look them up under the following link Tie-Break 10s – Participants Guide (Covid Version) – Google Docs. Any questions up until Wednesday you can turn to Andi (andi@meadowstennis.co.uk) after that please turn to David.


Register your interest here