The Winter Singles Ladder has launched

After a successful summer, with over 80 matches played in our ladders, we’re launching our winter ladder. This is a singles ladder (mixed), it’s open to all club members and is free to join. It will run from November 18th, 2019 to March 27th, 2020.

To join the ladder, please visit this page: https://www.meadowstennis.co.uk/competitive-tennis-in-edinburgh/2019-20-winter-singles-ladder/

We’ve adjusted the rules as it is more difficult to organise tennis matches in the winter. Here’s a summary below:

Ladder rules and rankings 
  • Each club member can sign up for free and challenge any other player in the ladder.
  • You can play the same opponent up to 3 times.
  • You can use any scoring format you want – most people play best of 3 sets, but any other format is acceptable. You can play one set, super tie-breaks, fast 4, or even best of 5 sets if you feel like a Grand Slam champion.
  • The rankings use the ELO rating systems – which we also used for the summer ladders – with a few adjustments:
    • Each player will start with a capital of 1500 points
    • You will win points for every victory and lose points for every loss
    • The number of points you won or lose after a match will depend on your ranking and your opponent’s
    • At the start of the ladder, since everyone will have the same rankings, you will win or lose 50 points against an opponent with the same rankings/points, and the points/rankings will adjust more accurately the more matches everyone plays
    • We’ve removed a parameter which divided the number of points you won/lost by the total number of matches you played. This means it will be easier to climb back nearer the top of the ladder if you’ve had a bad start.
Inactivity rules and holidays/unavailable days:

Similarly to the summer ladders, there is an inactivity penalty. We’ve made it more lenient as it is more difficult to play in winter. The rule is as follows: if you do not play at least one match in the last 45 days since the last match or since joining, you will lose 25 points.

If you are away/unable to play for any reasons, you can set up unavailable days in the system. This will stop your inactivity counter and will avoid you losing points. To use your unavailable days, log in to the ladder system and click on the link on the top-right menu.

Have fun on the courts!