2019 Club Ladders are now live

We have just launched this year’s competitive ladders – they are free to join. This is a great occasion to play some competitive tennis in Edinburgh!

This year’s ladders

We have 3 ladders this year:

  • Singles (for both men and women)
  • Mixed doubles
  • Singles (for women only – contact us to receive an invitation)

Ladders will run from the 1st of June until the 27th of October. Click here to join the ladders.

How do the ladders work?

ELO Rankings

The ladders work with ELO rankings system. Each player or team will start with 1500 points, which will increase as they win and decrease as they lose. The amount of points gained or lost from a match is dependent on the points of the opponent played. For example, if a 2000 point player/team beats a 1000 point team, very little change will occur to either players/teams rating. However, if a 2000 point player/team loses to a 1000 point team, both players/teams ratings will change drastically. Teams points will also change more drastically during the first games that are recorded.

Points decay

If a player or a team does not play for 30 days, the player/team will lose 50 points. This is to encourage everyone to play throughout the season and to make the system a bit fairer.

Best of 3 sets or anything goes

You can choose to play your match in a classic best of 3 sets, or you can choose any other scoring system that you want (super tie break in the third, fast four, etc.).

Good luck to everyone!