Singles Ladder

The club runs free competitive singles ladders for members throughout the year.

Sign up for our current singles ladder at this link - open to male and females (non-members also able to join):

The summer ladder is our main ladder with the top 4 players playing off for the club ladder trophy - see Hall of Fame page for previous winners.

Ladder rules are detailed at the link above.

Notes for players:

§  please respond to challenges as quickly as possible

§  challengers to supply new/good quality balls for each match

§  challenged player to offer two reasonable times for the match

§  please give notice when you are away for a week or more

§  winner of the match to enter the result on the ladder asap and within 72 hours maximum

§  to leave the ladder please email 

§  new players added after the start date will join the bottom of ladder

The moderator reserves the right to make minor changes to the format if required.