2015 Club Singles and Doubles Tournament Report

posted 29 Sep 2015, 15:31 by Dave Wood   [ updated 29 Sep 2015, 15:32 ]
Congratulations to our 2015 Meadows City Tennis Club singles and doubles winners: 

Singles: Emma O'Sullivan (runner up Panita Suavansri)
Mens Singles: Jackson Pauls (runner up: Adam Bleakley)
Women's Doubles: Emma O'Sullivan/Panita Suavansri (runners up: Christelle Robert/Ana Heyn)
Men's Doubles: Kevin Stott/Juan Bueren (runners up: Gareth Beedham/Jackson Pauls)

The doubles weekend saw glorious weather and new  names all round for the trophies plus a vistit to the Pear Tree beer garden afterwards. In the women's singles Emma is also a new name on the trophy while Jackson (now a record 5 times winner) regained his title from Clive Minshull (who was unable to play this year).

Thanks to everyone who participated and also helped run the event on the day - Christelle for running the women's events and Breck, Jackson and Aaron for helping with scoring in men's events!